Once again I am very excited to be hosting our coming Women’s conference here at Alpha & Omega Christian Fellowship.

We are anticipating a great and awesome move of the Holy Spirit and I know
God will manifest His power and glory.


The season in which we now live in we are looking to God to do wonders in impossible situations.

The theme I believe is right from the heart of the Holy Spirit taken from the Book of Luke chapter 1 verse 37 (KJV) “For with God nothing shall be impossible”
This is consistent with His nature and perfection, His counsels, purpose and promises, everything He has said, purposes and promised He is able to do and will do.

The Angel said to Mary in Luke 1 verse 30-32 “Fear not, thou shalt bring forth a Son a command thou shall call his name Jesus. A prophecy He shall be great the son of the Highest, He will sit on David’s throne and reign forever”

Prayer is the answer to every problem in life. Nothing is so entangled that God cannot remedy. No human relationship is too strained for our God to bring human reconciliation and understanding. No habit is so deep rooted that cannot be overcome. No one is so weak that He cannot be strong. No one is so ill that He cannot heal. Whatever we need, if we trust in God He will supply it.

I challenge you to make this conference a date and your life will never be the same again. We have seasoned, anointed Women of God who are in the Kingdom at such a time as this for a purpose.

God Bless

From the President of Women of Destiny Alpha & Omega
Noreen Campbell, First Lady