Deborah Barnett is actively involved many areas of ministry work, formerly serving as assistant to the ‘Women of Destiny’ Ministry at Alpha & Omega Christian Fellowship.
She is an associate counsellor for Ellel Ministries in Farnham UK and is Editor for In His Image – Woman of Excellence ministry based in Germany.

A qualified Secondary school Teacher, Trainer, Entrepreneur & Mentoring project leader,
Deborah obtained her Master’s Degree in Health & Nutrition and Lifestyle from South bank University – London, and went onto author a paper on the prevalence of obesity amongst Afro Caribbean Pentecostal church congregations, which was published by the Nutrition Society in 2007.

Her ministry background includes over 10 years involvement in facilitation of church
conferences, women’s meetings, Intercession, Healing & Deliverance and Prison Ministry
within the UK. Deborah currently leads several monthly journaling groups; (London G.A.L.s - Gods Apple Ladies), aimed at identifying issues that affect women, supporting them to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God and empowering them, to pursue the fullness of God’s purpose for their lives. Known for her wisdom and compassion, Deborah is a ‘survivor’ and speaks from personal experience and believes that everyone can be all God has called them to be, despite life’s challenges. Deborah carries a message of love and forbearance that both motivates and inspires others in Christ, which is evident when she ministers. Having weathered many challenges in her lifetime, Deborah is an individual with a unique ability to perceive and minister to the hidden emotional pain and trauma that serves as stumbling blocks to many people’s lives.

Deborah is a dynamic speaker and teacher, she is married to Andrew Barnett and has one son Nikyle, and they reside in Watford Hertfordshire.