Evangelist Denise Melendez-Gatling
is the founder of Restoration & Deliverance
Ministries, and Denise Gatling Ministries. Restoration& Deliverance Ministries is an
outreach ministry with a vision to reach the lost for Jesus Christ and to bring restoration
and healing to individuals.

Denise Gatling Ministries is a Prophetic vision to reach cities and nations to preach, to teach, and equip the Body of Christ to a new levels of prophetic insight, restoration and
deliverance. The foundation of her ministry is directed by the power of the Holy Spirit to
bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim to liberty to the captives, and the opening of the
prison to them that are bound.

God anoints Evangelist Gatling in a unique ability by the auction of the Holy Ghost, to
bring deliverance to those who are bound by demonic spirits, drug addictions, and mental
bondages. The Holy Spirit also moves on her in creative miracles for women who wombs
are barren, which prohibits them from having children, and in many of her services the
anointing for healing is manifested in the delivering power from the disease of cancer.
Evangelist Gatling motto is “to Recover, to Repair, and to Renew”.

Evangelist Denise Gatling is currently working on her first book called, “Don’t Lay your Head in the Lap of Delilah.” This book is to inform leaders in ministry and the body of Christ of the snares and traps the enemy has for those who are called
into ministry by God. One of the many burdens the Lord has placed on Evangelist Gatling is to reach the youth of today; she currently works and counsels with teens who are involved in drugs, gangs, and homosexuality. Her present vision is to open up a home called the “Hannah House” for young teenage mothers who are in need of love, spiritual guidance, and
educational assistance.